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Large plate rolling

Our large plate rolls have been busy this week with some 140mm thick plate! (more…)

70th anniversary year draws to a close for Angle Ring

2021 has been a significant year for us here at Angle Ring as we celebrated our 70th anniversary in business, yet it has been a turbulent year for the economy.


Wembley Arch at Wembley Stadium

We played a key part in the production of the Wembley Arch at Wembley Stadium, but did you know we also worked on another key landmark associated with our national stadium – the White Horse Bridge?


Water Industry

It’s amazing what you see when you are on holiday! It just so happens to be some induction bent tubes we bent for a project that required a vent / exhaust system in the water industry.


Volume Jobs

The beauty of having numerous different types of steel bending machines in house, is we are never short on capacity.


The Kelpies

One of Scotland’s largest visitor attractions, The Kelpies stand proud on the banks of the Forth & Clyde canal near Falkirk.


Section Bending as a Steel Bending Technique?

At the Angle Ring Company, we’ve been bending steel since 1951, and whilst this is one of our most traditional techniques, it is a processing method that has stood the test of time – for all the right reasons!


Replacement Shaft

Here’s something a little bit different from our shop floor, not a photo of one of our varied steel bending projects, but a little look behind the scenes of the machinery we use to provide our services.


Pressing ahead for Denmark

One from our export department, here we have some pressed plate currently making its way over to Denmark.


Pressed channels

Just going through our shop floor are 150 of these 10mm thick Stainless Steel grade 304 pressed channels.


Press Braking For Construction

Here’s a  job we got for a construction equipment manufacturer, taking their 940mm long by 25mm thick free issue flat plate and pressing them to an internal radius of 28 degrees.


Heavy Metal was invented in the West Midlands right?!

Born out of the steel mills with bands like Black Sabbath and Judas Priest taking the lead with their industrial sound.


Fullam FC

Here’s a new volume job going through our tube manipulation department, where we are bending over 400 Stainless Steel tubes for a customer who is working on the new stand at Craven Cottage, the home of Fulham FC.


Crash Barriers

A nice volume job that has just gone through the Angel Ring shop floor, here we have some 3mm thick x 4000mm long S275 grade crash barrier components that have received the treatment of one of our press brakes.


Cold Rolled Beams

At Angle Ring, we have been offering steel bending and curving services using cold rolling and cold bending techniques for almost 70 years, primarily on machinery designed & built in house.


Not all bends have to be intricate, but they must be precise

Here we have a 50-tonne cambering job that went through the Angle Ring shop, coming in at a whopping 838x292x176kg/m x 16.1 metres! (more…)

Whitechapel Building Refurbishment

We can provide our section bending services to a wide range of industries, and today we’re taking a look at a current project we have for a building refurbishment in Whitechapel, London.


Brentford Community Stadium

We pressed various Corten weathering steel plates in 5,8 & 10mm thickness for the main structure of the 17,250 capacity stadium for the now Premier League side, Brentford Football Club. (more…)

Esso Glen

Esso Glen, a modern office structure at Cardinal Palace in London where we bent a wide range of tubes and cones for the main structure.


Pressed & fabricated cones

We’re putting one of our key bending facilities in the limelight, and also showing how we can add value with our post bend fabrication services.


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