In a significant turn of events for the local industrial sector, Neos Engineering/Deepdale Engineering, a respected name in the metal bending and fabrication domain, has recently ceased trading. While this news might have left their loyal customers in a state of uncertainty, Angle Ring Company is here to reassure clients that they need not look any further for the reliable services they’ve come to expect.

Welcoming Neos / Deepdale talent on board

Angle Ring Company is pleased to announce that in light of the recent developments, we have welcomed a number of Neos Engineering/Deepdale Engineering staff into our talented team. This infusion of expertise ensures that the legacy of quality workmanship and industry knowledge will continue unabated. Our new team members bring with them years of experience, aligning seamlessly with Angle Ring’s commitment to excellence.

A one-stop destination for metal bending and fabrication services

At Angle Ring Company, we have been at the forefront of metal bending and fabrication services for over 70 years. With a comprehensive range of service offerings, we are poised to serve the needs of Neos Engineering / Deepdale Engineering customers and even exceed their expectations.

Our array of services includes:

Metal Bending: Angle Ring Company specialises in precision metal bending, catering to various industries such as construction, manufacturing, and architecture. Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures accuracy and consistency in every bend.

Curved Beams & Sections: We are adept at creating curved beams and sections of various shapes and sizes. Whether it’s for artistic installations or structural components, we have the expertise to deliver.

Curved Staircases & Balustrades: We can elevate your architectural designs with our curved staircases and balustrades. Our skilled craftsmen combine aesthetics with functionality to create stunning curved metal structures.

Induction Bending: With advanced induction bending capabilities, we can bend a wide range of profiles and materials while maintaining structural integrity.

Section Bending: Our cold rolling services cover a diverse spectrum of shapes, enabling us to cater to custom requirements efficiently.

Welding & Fabrication: From simple welds to complex fabrications, our skilled team can transform raw materials into finished products that meet the highest industry standards.

A seamless transition for customers of Neos Engineering / Deepdale Engineering

We understand that existing Neos Engineering / Deepdale Engineering customers might be concerned about ongoing projects and future needs. Angle Ring Company is fully equipped to seamlessly take over ongoing projects, ensuring minimal disruption and maintaining the exceptional quality that has been synonymous with Neos Engineering / Deepdale Engineering.

Discover Angle Ring’s services today

Angle Ring Company invites former Neos Engineering / Deepdale Engineering customers, as well as new clients seeking top-tier metal bending and fabrication services, to explore our comprehensive offerings. Our website provides detailed information about our services, allowing you to make informed decisions. Visit our Services page to learn more.

With a team of experienced professionals and a diverse range of services, we are committed to delivering exceptional results for all your metal bending and fabrication needs. Your projects are in safe hands with Angle Ring.

Contact the team today on 0121 557 7241 or to discuss your metal bending requirements in more detail.