Visitors to our offices in Tipton will no doubt have seen a large painted globe sitting proudly on the side of our building.
If you have ever wondered why this is there, then today is your lucky day as our latest blog gives you a short history lesson about our iconic globe!

Humble beginnings

From the very beginning in 1951, the founder of Angle Ring, Frank Barnshaw, had a design for a logo with which incorporated an ‘angle ring around the world’ – something that still forms part of our brand today.

Our globe was originally made by an aluminium spinning company that made radar dishes, and was made by process of being spun and formed to make the dish.

Unfortunately, this particular dish was the wrong size for them and was subsequently scrapped.

Frank Barnshaw found the dish advertised in an engineering magazine for sale at JT Leavesly Ltd in Burton on Trent, and paid £25 for it in 1969.

Over 50 years later…

Weighing in at 100kg, the 2mm thick dish was painted with the countries of the world whilst on the shop floor and erected afterwards by hand on to the side of the building, where (after one or two fresh coats of paint over the years) it still sits today!

We’re proud to have something iconic that has stood the test of time to represent the proud history of our organisation.

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