Plate rolling and plate forming is a fabrication process that shapes metal plate materials into cylindrical, conical, elliptical and other shapes. Many kinds of metals can be rolled, these can be carbon steels, stainless steels (including duplex), alloys, heat resistant materials, wear resistant plates and aluminium. These can shaped using a plate rolling machine, through steel rollers, to create a shape to specific requirements.

25mm Plate rolls

It’s a suitable solution for customers who require a range of finished options, from a rolling only, to rolling-prepping-tacking, or rolled and fully welded. With strong links to material providers in the UK and Europe, we can provide costs inclusive of materials where required.

What makes plate rolling unique at Angle Ring?

We have five plate rolling machines at Angle Ring that can process materials from 5mm thick up to 100mm thick in 3m wide plate, whilst our six plate forming machines can go even larger, in materials up to 130mm thick.

To add further value, a proportion of our range can ‘pre-end’ without additional bending allowance to minimise waste, and can be supplied with flame cut square, flame cut prepped, or even machined weld preps.

Our unique service means we can also offer an in-house welding service which enables us to re-roll after welding to tight tolerances prior to despatch, and join tubes with full penetration circumferential welds to achieve even longer lengths.

What sectors is plate rolling suitable for?

Plate rolling is suitable for many sectors, such as:

  • – Architectural & Construction
  • – Civils
  • – Defence
  • – Energy
  • – Industrial
  • – Manufacturing
  • – Offshore

This is because we can form materials from 5mm to 130mm thick (up to 200mm using other plate forming techniques) and also supply our customers with a range of finished options.

To go into more detail, Civil Engineering projects cover a wide range of demands from environmental projects, to water, marine and geotechnical industries as well as bridges, tunnel arches and building foundations – utilising plate rolling is therefore a common service at various stages of a civil engineering project.

Whereas the Offshore sector includes projects such as Oil & Gas, Marine and Renewables, which our plate rolling service is well suited to, especially when combined with our welding service. We can provide cylinders and pipes which can be used on a wide range of applications.

Some projects can require rolling and welding to create a pipe, followed by processing on other bending machinery (usually induction type bending) to create a bespoke finished bent tube made from a diameter of tube unavailable as a standard size.

Aluminium Plate rolling

Unsure of your plate rolling requirements?

We can take on a wide range of plate rolling and plate forming requirements at Angle Ring, either using our customers free issue material or on a ‘complete supply’ basis.

We also have strong links with other local subcontractors who offer a full range of NDT operations, including radiography, ultrasonic testing, dye pen and MPI, as well as heat treatment operations, such as stress relieving, normalising, and solution annealing.

We pride ourselves on working with our customers and finding solutions to any project requirement, and our team of skilled sales engineers are on hand to provide advice and quotes.

Contact Angle Ring on 0121 557 7241 or and let us help you explore the most appropriate plate rolling service for your next project.
Plate rolling machinery in the workshop