Superunification lands in Ireland with the help of Angle Ring’s induction bent tubes

The export department at Tipton based metal bending specialists, Angle Ring Company, have set sail over the Irish Sea once again, this time providing a range of induction bent tubes for a wonderful piece of public art at Honeypark in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.

The vision of local artist, Ruth E Lyons, ‘Superunification’ as the sculpture is known, is now in situ overlooking the park on the outskirts of Dublin.

Coming in at 12m high, and comprised of mild steel that has been hot dip galvanised and painted in a progression of colours, Superunification has been described as a ‘strong work of contemporary art that is ambitious, aesthetically compelling with a meaning and significance that will endure over time’ by the end customer, Cosgrave Property Group.

Ruth E Lyons comments: “Superunification is an abstract sculpture. It is inspired by the study of our universe and a search for a ‘theory of everything’. For me the sculpture is about unifying the large and small scale in our lives, keeping in mind the unfathomable nature of existence while going about our daily toils. In its fluid form the sculpture also ties different perspectives, those of the sky, sea and land that surround Honeypark.”

Working with the main contractor, Angle Ring provided a range of 406.4mm diameter tubes x 16mm thick bent to tight radii ranging from 1.2m to 6.9m produced through their induction bending facilities.

Sam Baker, Export Manager at Angle Ring comments: “It’s great to be working with our Irish customers once again, and on such an interesting project. We’ve been able to watch its progress after leaving our shop floor in numerous parts through to further fabrication and now it’s final install.

“Our induction bending technique was an ideal way to bend the tubes. A key benefit of using this hot bending process is the minimal deformation of the tubes, which allowed the fabricator to weld up the pieces into the desired shape for the sculpture before they went to be galvanised and painted.

“We have worked on numerous art installations and sculpture projects in the past and it is always fascinating to see how artists transform our basic, curved steel into works of art.

“So much work has gone into the project, which is a credit to the artist, Ruth Lyons, who has been a pleasure to work with.”

The sculpture was installed by the steel contractor in Dublin, GSTech Engineering, in March 2022.

Project Facts

Angle Ring scope of work

For further information about the project, please contact Sam Baker, Export Manager at Angle Ring on +44 (0)121 557 7241 or

* On site photos courtesy of Imageworks Photography

**Sculpture artwork by Ruth E Lyons


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